Employment Center

Al Rryada  Security  Service is one of the most powerful companies in solution providers of securities as we deliver the securities to millions of human beings around the globe

As our job and duties focusing on all prospect you can imagine

As when you join Riyada company for securities and guards as it is offering more challenges and job opportunities in addition to an  opportunity to be one of the most powerful person in largest companies in private sector

As you can know any of the opportunities may match you in the three dimensions offered


Strategic Management

As a leader in strategy we can offer you a new job opportunity with different categories and bases to help us to continue of success achieved to this day in increase our efforts , as due to the nature of the market so we will work till the responsibilities with the huge sense as well as it will be great achievements as well as the independencies to achieve the great roles of cultural senses with no limits

So if you have a vision for being one of our team work as you will be a part of our management as you can submit your resume and other educations and qualification and previous experiences through our web site


Management and Support

Whatever your work is ? so we will help you to catch the key of your long history success as we can offer the basics of leadership and support and incentives and necessary motivation as we have a large bases of job opportunities which commenced on the opportunity with distinctive averaged between the fund solutions and insurance solutions as we can offer the protection for properties nr persons or other operational processes and focusing on the customer services as much as we have a large bases of technologies and weapons to manage the risks in order to set a new concept of strategic methodologies attached with the creativity in producing  the formation of the markets

As we have also a vital roles in financial   and facilities and human resources management and other communication skills which means the dynamics environment and basics of environment of rapid changes

As we will offer the overtopped levels professionally and personally in an environment lead you to the more secure and internal promotion which based on our culture and utilizing the most capabilities available in our employees

If you wish to join us.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on the following E-mail address


Operational Professionals

One of the most precious wealth are our employees, as they are the bases of Al Rryada  Security  Service,  who are  dealing with the citizens with the public also , the important operational roles are varied between the security officers and drivers and responsible of securities and organizers of carnivals and inspector of effects and investigators as there is no two similar days on our employees with the front offices who are having a different level of operations to meet the customer services requirements with excellent levels and to offer the most capabilities of all employees with the high sense with the large professionalism

To apply for a job , please send your CV to this E-mail address