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We have a truly global business with large established market positions in developed markets and outstanding positions in fast growing emerging markets, AL Reyada Security services LLC. we believe that the future of our company can only be achieved if we ensure the continuity of our people’s skills. We believe in proper recruitment, extensive training and ongoing coaching. We strive to help our employees develop to their full potential in the security industry.

AL Reyada Security services LLC, we know how important training is for our clients.  We invest in our employees because Our People Make the Difference!

Training plans are developed for each client, based on their specific needs determined by the security assessment and client agreement.  Progress can then be tracked against the training plan, regulatory requirements and client agreements, and reported to the client on a regular basis. 


 Our flat organization keeps training officers close to the field, while supporting them with area and regional training professionals and the resources of a global organization.  The Alreyada Security services LLC Cleaning Section for Professional Development (HSSCPD) is our professional training management organization that supports the field with world-class programs, products and services, strategic business partnerships and security industry experts for improved performance and consistent training.

The knowledge and experience of our people is the foundation of AL Reyada Security services LLC. We offers our employees the opportunity to develop that knowledge and experience professionally through scholarship. The scholarship is open to frontline employees within Alreyada Security services LLC – Cleaning Section and is offered annually to one or more employees.



 AL Reyada Security services LLC  is known and respected for having sophisticated, high class and elite protective services. Our team of both male and female close protection officers are Discreet and Professional with a substantial amount of UAE experience.

All of the Agents have previous experience in protecting Sheikhs, Sheikhas, Foreign Dignitaries, Celebrities and Business Individuals. Our close protection officers are well trained in Threat and Risk Assessments accompanied by Close Protection Protocol and Etiquette. Each close protection officer can manage verbal and physical conflict without damaging their client’s name.

VIP International Security Services are able to provide a fully trained and qualified team Female only Close Protection Officers.



 We can provide vetted guards to protect your home, property or premises whilst you are at work, away on holiday or business. This may be based on a 24 hour basis or given hours suitable for your needs.

This service is unique for individuals who leave their domiciles un-attended for noticeable periods of time.


We believe that authentic security challenges requires genuine Security Solutions by skillful professionals. When YOU are ready to explore the difference between an “Average Security Company” and genuine security from us, Please call us for a Confidential Consultation.



Our Close Protection Agents have experience in providing protection for European Jewellery Houses conducting business within the Gulf Region.

They are well trained in providing a secure environment in and around Jewellery Boutiques and Jewellery Events. A discreet service of international jewellery escorting may be conducted upon request.