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Security Service You Can Rely On AL-reyada Security is one of the pioneering companies for the provision of security services in United Arab Emirates. It is duly licensed by the Ministry of Interior Private Security Business Department and was founded by dedicated and trained professionals in supplying security services across the country. We deliver professional security solutions with high level of quality that satisfy our client’s requirements across variety of market sectors. Al- Reyada offers a variety of security solutions such as innovative surveillance, access control systems, and security issues consultancy. We deliver effective solutions to a wide variety of security challenges and understanding the specific requirements to meet our clients’ needs consistently. In Al-Reyada , we are committed to provide highest quality of services and our aggressive cost control procedures enable us to provide the best value in the industry.

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Partners List Al- reyada Company was established in 2016 and has progressed to significant role player within the security industry, And we currently services the following marketing segments.
Our Vision
we believe that security challenges require real security solutions and competitive trained professionals. Our team members are fully trained accordingly and abide by the law to assure our clients of a safe working environment that they required. Our Mission To steadily increase our sales, productivity and profitability while providing innovative security solutions to our clients. We will provide our customers a competitive edge in promoting our best practices to monitor the latest products, prices and services so we can deliver a higher level of trust in keeping your environment safe and sound. Our Strength Our strength lies in the complete satisfaction of our clients in terms of quality, service and the confidence we are building upon them. Team work and integrity are the common values shared and practiced among all staff of the company. We have the best manpower set up who had completed the required training courses so we can provide the right support that you needed. Our Aim We aim to earn the trust and confidence of our potential clients by providing the best security solutions that they need. We aim to become a well-established and trustworthy security service provider across the country. SERVICES PROVIDED
We address the need for security service providers for all market vendors such as Shopping Malls, hotels, hospitals, Retail Stores, School and Residential Complexes, Government Institutions, Warehouses, Construction Sites and so on
1. Guarding services a - Governmental institutions b - Hospital guarding service c - Bank guarding service . d - Hotels guarding services .
e - Security of Factories . f - Security of Retail Stores . g - Security of Fitness Clubs . h - Security of Residential units i - Security of Labor Camp .
2. Security Systems a - CCTV . b - Access control . c - Barriers systems
3. Traffic Control 4. Security Management & Risk assessment 5. Events
BOUNCERS Al-Reyada Company offers security (bouncer) personnel who specialize in protecting important personalities, hotel security, and security of important, bar, club .est.
SERVICE QUALITY We have a specialized department in quality control, monitoring the work of guards at the sites and following up customer complaints. Al-reyada Security Services strives for excellence and continuous improvement and in so doing it is policy to formulate ‘Quality Management Systems’ specifically aimed at each business partners unique requirements rather than via a generic approach. Various initiatives, in conjunction with our business partners’ are currently used and these range from ‘Core Competencies’ modules including identified effective areas, standards required, standards achieved and corrective action to ‘Mystery Guest’ auditing whereby independent consultants audit and submit scorecards. The company also utilizes a customer satisfaction questionnaire to determine service standards which complements existing service level agreements used by business partners; this is focused on direct service delivery by personnel on the ground, management and supervision. TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT All our guards are registered and licensed with DPS (SIRA) (Security Industry Regulatory Agency), our guard services are available 24 hours a day for all types of businesses. We provide services for companies ranging from property management firms to hotels, hospitals. Malls, government site, construction sites. And so on. Al-reyada Security Services is capable of providing security guards at a moment's notice. Al- reyada employees are customer-oriented professionals fully uniformed and equipped with the necessary tools to get the job done right. Our guard force is well trained in security policy and procedures. In addition, they are trained to provide superior customer service, making an outstanding first impression with your customers. We train our security guards to do more than deter, detect and report. We train them to be representative of your company. Training include :- UAE culture, life in UAE, equality and diversity , Costumers care, patrolling procedures, access control, vehicle and personal search. First aid. Fire awareness, fighting and prevention, dealing with suspect packages and evacuate procedure.
COSTUMERS SERVICES AL- Reyada costumer's services with their long experience and well trained are maintain to excellent communications between our clients and management to ensure clients satisfaction. Feel free to call al-Reyada costumers services, your call is important to us and it will be considered as priority as per our standard.
Company Management
Living up to the good reputation of Al Reyada Security Services, we are committed to achieving the highest standards of general management, honesty, and commercial business ethics in all our operations. To this effect, we adopted a strong scope of management which ensures a responsible, transparent and accountable behavior at all times. Al Reyada Security Services is run by the elite of police and armed forces members, known for their discipline and competence in the field of security and guard, in which they spent more than 25 years working in different security organs; and they are assisted by a distinguished team of technicians and directors. The management of the company is also cooperated by top security and guard agents, who are well-trained and qualified, and who received specialized studies and training sessions locally and abroad, and who are totally aware of the security and guard duties
Security Consultant Major General - Mr. Alaa Eltaibany Managing Director Legal Advisor - Dr. Tarek Said
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Dubai - Business Bay Abraj street - Empire Heights Tower. podium 3 Office No: P3-A03-08 Tel : +971 501012654 Mob : +971 566189225 P.O. box: 21415 Dubai, UAE website : Alreyadass.com E-mail : info@alreyadass.com
Join Alreyada Team Al Rryada Security Service is one of the most powerful companies in solution providers of securities as we deliver the securities to millions of human beings around the globe, As our job and duties focusing on all prospect you can imagine. As when you join Al Rryada Security Service as it is offering more challenges and job opportunities in addition to an opportunity to be one of the most powerful person in largest companies in private sector